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Divinely sanctioned within the spirit of its visionary, Wynell Freeman, and birthed December 7, 1998, Fresh Word Kingdom Assemblies is unquestionably clear regarding the New Testament charge to the propagate gospel. To that end, we place great emphasis on the Kingdom mandate of Matthew 28:19, “Go ye into all the world...” stressing to each parishioner the necessity of living the Gospel beyond the walls of the church.

This Christ-centered, multi-ethnic, uninhibited in its worship congregation avails itself to the primary purpose of the New Testament Church - introducing Christ to the culture. Therefore, its mission is to prepare stable, WORD-based Believers for victorious living; the empowerment of people for world impact; to enable and perfect Believers for the ministry of excellence in life. In view of the same, each component of ministry works in tandem to the yield of triumphant living with emphasis on faith, integrity, character, family harmony, servanthood, anointing for
service and stewardship.

Fully aware that God has released the earth to the charge of men for the purpose of dominion, Fresh Word Kingdom Assemblies exists to produce sons and daughters; remarkable descendants who occupy (carry on the business) until the return of Christ.

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Youth Ministry


Creative Arts


Family Institute